Macau & Hong Kong – Day 1


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Quite a disaster for the first day. Only manage to sleep an hour or so. 3:30AM cab is here to pick us up to the airport. Reached airport is about 4:30AM. Cab from my house to LCCT cost: RM110 plus midnight charges. Lots of people at the airport trying to check-in therefore it takes some time and only left less than an hour for breakfast. Had our breakfast at Coffee Bean. This is the first time I had breakfast at Coffee Bean Malaysia. Usually I only take it in Jakarta :P. Not sure why I only have the habit of eating at Coffee Bean when I am at Jakarta. Well here is the sample of my breakfast compared to Jakarta version. I prefer the Jakarta version. Maybe coz I don’t really eat salad and I am already used to the version there 😛 picky me.
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Pre Trip 2008: Macau & Hong Kong


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During the preparation for this trip, I made a booking for the hotel in Macau which is the Ole London Hotel and hostel in Hong Kong which is the Dragon Hostel. Our accommodation cost about RM 763. Schedule are very rush for me. As I go back from Jakarta, the next day I will be flying to Hong Kong.

Reached home from airport (back from Jakarta), took a shower and prepare to meet aunty (Bih Lin). She is kind enough to change the money for me. Thank you very much. The rate she changed for me is 0.46 sob higher by 0.01 from a week before. Well I don’t have much choice since rate not that good and I don’t have time to change before that.

The HKD notes are so big (500 and 1000)

HKD are slightly different from ours. They state the bank on their notes. Some I got is from HSBC, some are from Standard Chartered Bank or Bank of China. I only changed HKD because it can be used at both Hong Kong as well as Macau. After having some dim sum we headed back home. By the time i reached its already past midnight almost 1AM. After packing we just took a nap then its time to get to the airport.

Upcoming Trip 2008: Macau & Hong Kong


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After we bought ticket months ago….. finally its time to fly!!! 8 Days 7 Nights (05/11/08 – 12/11/08) to Macau & Hong Kong. Been surveying for a month or so, booked hotels, did the checklist, planned the schedule, did some budgeting estimation now I finally can enjoy my trip.

Summary of the Itinerary:

Day 1 : 05/11/08 (Wed)

1. Arriving at Macau
2. Check-in to Ole London Hotel
3. Visit St. Paul Ruins, Na Zha Temple, Pastelaria Koi Kei, Cafe E.S. Kimo
4. Head to Taipa (Venetian, Dumbo Portuguese Restaurant)
5. Back to Macau (Ponte 16)

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