On a public holiday… what would you like to do? Probably do some cleaning, cooking, knittings etc.
Today I am cooking one of my favourite type of fried rice which is the mixture of bitter gourd, rice and eggs.

– Eggs
– Overnight rice (so that you could feel the rice round instead of sticky)
– Bitter gourd
– Butter

– Cut the bitter gourd into small pieces and leave aside.
– Break the eggs into a bowl. Add some salt and pepper into the eggs. Beat the eggs.
– Heat up the pan. Put in some soften butter. I put in about 2 tablespoon.
– Put in the bitter gourd and fry with the butter.
– When bitter gourd soften, put in the rice. Add some salt and pepper as per desire.
– Make sure well mix and cooked. When almost ready, pour in the beaten eggs.
– Slowly mixed them up until the egg is cooked.

Tada…. Fried rice ready