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Was so excited and looking forward for the trip. First day is practically just flying from LCCT to Incheon via AirAsia X then from Gimpo to Jeju via EASTARJET. We took a cab around 5am and head to LCCT. Even though I have done online check in, but when we reached there is another process for the luggage check in. Which is actually equivalent to check in there because the queue is also long.



My sleepy look due to only couple of hours sleep and long journey. But it was exciting due to its been some time since we fly ourselves somewhere. The flight took us about 6hrs to reach Incheon airport. When we reach airport, it was snowing… unfortunately we did not go out of the airport because we need to catch another flight from Gimpo to Jeju. There is shuttle train to take you to the main terminal which comes every 5 mins.



Taking the subway is very convenient in Korea. All you need is a basic T-Money card cost 5,000 won. You can easily get them from GS25/7-11. From the arrival hall exit, you can find 7-11 on the left side approx few mins walk. You can reload the card from the convenient store or the reload machine available at airport. I reloaded 30,000 won for the whole trip.


For more information regarding Korea Subway system, click here. This sites gives you the different subway lines and you can easily do a search to estimate your duration/distance/stations/price to pay. There are many Korea Subway apps available in apple store or google play store. Do download them prior to the trip it really help safe some time and to minimize getting lost.



This is the apps that i used. And my first search was of course from Incheon Airport to Gimpo Airport. It takes about 50 mins includes walking. Maybe cause we stop alot to snap photos 🙂

Before going to your destination, just do a search by searching for departure & arrival then it will show you practically everything. But of course you will need to estimate some time for walking during transits as some of the places for transit is a little walking distance. Although the apps does shows the walking time, but if you have trouble finding the right direction it will also take some time. This happened on the first day 🙂 so try to get used to it. Some of the stations starts at 6am and ends pass 12am. Also do take note that some train intervals are longer so if you missed the first one you might have to take the next and wait.

To take the airport railroad, it is located at one floor down from the arrival hall of Incheon Airport. You can check out the signboards, they are in Korean/English/Chinese. You will have to walk a distance before you reach the subway (AREX – Airport railroad)



I have not used one of the above machine but this is available at the airport itself. Luckily for us the flight from Gimpo to Jeju was delayed so it gives us some buffer time to take the subway and to have dinner at the airport before departing another flight.


Weather is cold in Gimpo. The first thing we did arriving at Gimpo Airport was to stand outside to enjoy the cold. This below image is something I never seen before, shoe shine room which is available in both Incheon and Gimpo Airport. You can polish your shoe here. I think you are require to pay for it.


Proceed to check in at EASTARJET counter. The staff that serves me is so cute. She can’t really speaks English but she tries to explain the information to me. Make sure that I understand what I require to know.





You can find the Jeju Information counter somewhere at the end of the check in counters opposite EASTARJET counter. Then we search for food which located if not mistaken is downstairs. We choose the Food Clock for dinner which is like a food court. When we asked the information counter if there is a Food Court, they pointed to me to Food Clock -.-“.




In Korea, I noticed that if you go to a restaurant for a meal, the noodles will cost easily more than 15,000 won per bowl. We took a Japanese Style home-made Pork Cutlet and a Spicy Seafood Ramen.


By looking at the receipt, we obviously do not know what is written on it. We walk here and there trying to search for the counter that we are suppose to pick up our noodle. We ended standing in the middle of the food court. One nice cleaning lady came to us and pointed out that the top number :224 is our calling number and the 4번/3번 is the stall number.


When the food is ready, it will be shown on the above screen.



Dinner is served. Bought some junk & coffee while waiting for departure.



This is something I’ve never seen before in Malaysia. Its looks like dog treats. Its very chewy as if you cant cut them with your teeth. It smells very good, some sort of like a bacon. Give it a try 🙂 no harm.


Finally arrived at Jeju. You can pick up some maps or ask for directions at the Jeju information counter outside the arrival hall on the right side. Then we are ready to pick up our rental car. There are a few car rental company available at the airport. For my case I booked the car from HERTZ. Sometimes they might have promotions, so do check out their website for more information. I booked my car for 3 days rental at price of 113,000 won due to promotion buy 2 free 1. Driving in Jeju, you will require a international driving permit else they will not allow you to rent a car. Check out the pre trip guide for more info.

Driving in Jeju is on the right lane so does when you are walking. If you are not overtaking keep yourself at the right side as people will pass using the left side. It will take a while before getting used to the sides 🙂 so good luck with that. The car rental comes with a MiFi internet device by Olleh and a GPS device. If you intend to rent a car for Jeju trip, be sure to write down all the contact number of the destination you would like to visit. The GPS device is more accurate when it comes to contact number compared to if you put address.

Next we checked in to the Goodstay Nulsong Parktel. We got lost somewhere and finally manage to find the place. This is because of the mistake did not copied all the contact numbers, I only copied the address :P. Learned the lesson. So in future trips will write down all information (address, contact number, gps, etc).

After checking in to the hotel, we wrap ourselves nicely and prepare to take a walk for the night to enjoy the cool weather and to check out the area. The temperature is warmer than Seoul but it is still very cold. Probably around 0 degree. We found a stall that sells bao. Not sure what is written on the menu, but we picked one to give it a try. Its perfect for the night.




We came across some cute stuff along the journey. The vege at the road side is very HUGE!!!




We probably walked a few kilometers and hours before we head back to convenient store nearby the hotel to grab some snacks and turn in for the night. I love the cheese stick. There are lots of flavours. The one i choose is smoked and it smells sooooo good!.