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Back from Korea for about a week or so now. The feeling is EXTREMELY great!!!. No other word can express my feelings for this trip. First of all the weather is superb because it is below 0 degree. The sad thing is that it was not in the process of snowing when I was outside. But I did manage to see and play with snow which is already on the ground when in Jeju and in Mt Sorak, it was cool.

Enjoy eating lots of different thing from fresh raw to cooked food. Get to see the culture, people, their subway system, etc.

Experience the whole trip: Koreans are very friendly. If you are asking for directions, they will tend to try giving directions. Even tho if they do not understand or speaks English, all you need to do is give them keywords and they will roughly know what you are trying to say. There is one encounter where I visited the Bugaksan and do not know where to catch the bus to go back. Went to a guard house where a few ladies are inside and they are enjoying the hair dye process hehehehe. When I asked about bus and say a few keyword of location, she says in Korean where I don’t understand a single word but she have her hand pointed the directions to me. So I thank her and try to go over the direction she pointed and saw the bus stop. Next question would be which side of the bus stop I should take in order for me to go back to my original spot? LOL another nice lady helped me out with that too. Shows that they are really friendly.

I remember going to the Noryanjin Fish Market in Seoul. To come back from the Noryanjin Fish Market, we got up to the wrong train. The final stop was the subway terminal but we do not know that. So when we reach a station before that, a old couple looked at us wondering why we did not get down. Old uncle wave at me to signal i should get down from the train. I looked left and right the whole train…. do not have anyone in it only left us. Then he signals again, we both rushed out from the train. LOL unexpected that we boarded the wrong train and someone so nice to ask us to get down. Its hard to forget such scenario.

Experience in Jeju: Very rarely you find people in Jeju speaks English. Famous tourist spot you might be able to find some that can speak a little mandrin. Some places do you even have English signboards or translations, so you will need to guess. Be prepared with all the information you need in order to travel around Jeju. Is best to rent a car to avoid wasting time waiting for bus. If you intend to eat some raw food from the Haenyeo, bring more cash hehehe they are quite expensive. You can try a plate of a few items for about 30,000 won. For example the below picture.


Something that I learned over there in Korea is that they segregates their wastes. For example this cleaning lady I saw at the airport, she was separating the water from the cups into another container before throwing the cup. Then those excess water she will clean it up in the toilet.


Outside all the restaurants there will have one bin specially for food waste and no rubbish should be thrown inside. So when you are at Jeju, make sure you look into the bin before throwing rubbish as it might be a food waste bin and not rubbish bin. I did not notice any rubbish bin at roadside except this food bin. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the bins. People there tend to clean up their trays after eat too 🙂

Overall experience is superb. If I have chance, I will re visit again to enjoy more of it!!!

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Updated: 06Feb14