Back from Macau & Hong Kong. What I missed most? The food!!!

Breakfast portion
1. Breakfast at Australia Dairy Company
2. Breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe
3. Breakfast at Hoi Keng Congee Specialist/Seaview Porridge Shop

Dinner portion
1. Dinner at Lok Yuen
2. Dinner at Yu Yi Pin (裕一品) – The Ma lat noodle i missed the most.

Of course we could not miss the dessert
1. Dessert at Tai He Tang (泰和堂)
2. A cup a day from Hui Lau Shan

Experience the whole trip: I love their subway, it is very accurate just like Korea and Taiwan. There are lots of people in Hong Kong. The feel I get is that their lives are very busy and rush. Even crossing the street you feel they are stressed and have to get across as quick as possible. Remembering the moment where we cross the pedestrian crossing, once the light turn green everyone starts walking. Hahaha rarely you see so many people walking at the same time. Overall experience is superb. If I have chance, I will re visit again just for the food 😀

For more detail itinerary, click here.

Updated: 28Mar09