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After all the places we have visited, now comes the Disneyland. I bought our tickets from our hostel cost HKD570. Its actually a little bit cheaper compare to if you buy it from Disneyland itself. Cheaper by HKD20. We went to Hoi Keng Congee Shop for breakfast (cost: HKD50). I really love their porridge. Especially the pig blood porridge my favourite.

Today we ordered along with the Zha Leong (炸两)

After that we proceed to the Mongkok MTR station and head to Disneyland. Take to the Lai King Station then change to Sunny Bay Station and lastly change to Disneyland. It cost HKD16.20 for one trip. It takes quite long, approximately 45 mins if not mistaken to reach Disneyland. You can see very nice scenery on the way there.

So far only this route can see outside scenery. If not mistaken the rest is all underground. Finally we are here at Sunny Bay Station waiting for Disneyland train to arrive.

Here comes our train

Me inside the train

Disneyland train is very special. They have those nice cute characters statue inside. Just like the one next to me 🙂

Here we are at the Disneyland Resort Station

Hahaha OMG can’t believe it…. the water splashes at me!!

The shops inside Disneyland

Our rides on the Space mountain. Quite scary coz…. hahah sooo dark inside

Behind us is the castle

Random photos inside Disneyland

Tarzan’s home

Tarzan & Mama

Really Hot 😛

Can’t remember when was my last time I ride this

Caught me behind LOL

We manage to catch all the shows they prepared for us. All the schedules are really packed. After one we have to rush to the other really -.-” hahaha. Well we enjoyed at least.

We had our lunch at Grill. The whole place have really nice designs with all the Disney characters.

The soup is actually not bad. Same goes to the steak. Our lunch cost HKD60

Beauty & The Beast

After lunch we continue our next stop is the Golden Mickey

This is a MUST WATCH. Very nice

Lastly of course the most important is the fireworks that you must not miss. It starts at I forgot what time about 7 plus if not mistaken. We bought Popcorn & drinks costs HKD40, take our seats and wait for the fireworks to start. Do remember to bring your tripod. Night really difficult to take photo… You can see by the outcome of mine. Luckily still manage to get some reasonable ones.

Beautiful… but it cost…. 300,000 LOL

After the fireworks we take a slow walk down to collect our stuff we bought from the shops and head back to Mongkok. At nite, Disneyland feels like a small town at nite so peaceful and nice. Enjoy the weather… perfect.

At Mongkok, we had our dinner at Yu Yi Pin (裕一品), Si Chuan Ma La Mi Xian (四川麻辣米线). Had our ma lat noodle for one last time. Gonna miss that noodle T.T. Then we head to next door for Zi Ma Wu.


This 2 shop really perfect just nice next to each other. After a spicy noodle, you can head next door for nice desserts. We took a walk for a while, enjoy the last night in Hong Kong. As usual I will buy a cup of Hui Lau Shan for the night 😛

Bus queue

And so… we head back to our hostel to pack. Cos the next day we have to wake up very early to head to the airport