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Its a Sunday. Today is suppose to be a shopping day for us. As for breakfast, we went to Seaview Congee Shop (海景粥店) also can be known as Hoi Keng Congee Shop which is just next block from our hostel. Very easy to find because it is on Argyle Street itself. If you are staying in Dragon Hostel, just go out from the left entrance of Sincere House, cross the road its on that block opposite it along the Argyle Street.

Hoi Keng Congee shop, based on the name you know they are famous with the porridge. Other than that they also serve very nice Zha Leong (炸两) & Yao Zha Guai (油炸鬼). The Yao Zha Guai is really very HUGE LOL compare to ours is like more than double the size. We both ordered bowl of porridge for ourselves, yao zha guai and chi cheung fun with prawns.

It is very crunchy. The texture is just perfect

I love pork blood so this is a perfect choice for me. Where can I get this in KL?

Chi Cheung Fun with prawns

Breakfast cost us HKD65 (RM29.90). This shop is recommended 🙂 really very nice. After breakfast, we took the MTR from Mongkok (旺角) Station to Causeway Bay (铜锣湾) Station. Cost us HKD9.50 (RM4.37). It is more expensive when you cross the island 🙂

We walk around that area, went to a few shopping centre can’t recall the name :P. Too many shops around we just simply walk. As for lunch we went to Ocean Empire, also known as Hai Wang Zou Dian (海皇粥店).

I’ve forgotten what is this hahaha

Soya bean without sugar… have to ownself add

The Lo Bak Gou not bad

Yao Zha Guai. More harder compare to Hoi Keng

Lunch cost us HKD40 (RM20.70). To me the food in Ocean Empire is just so so. I still prefer those food in Hoi Keng Congee Shop. After shopping a while we went back to our hostel to rest. Both of us are not feeling so well so we went back to sleep a while.

By the time we both woke up is around dinner time. For dinner once again we went to Lok Yuen (乐园). Well the food there is not bad plus very big portion. Dinner cost us HKD76 (RM35). Then we walked around Mong Kok…. till about 1am. The shop really close very late. We just walk and walk, went in to shops. Just simply walk around but manage to go back hostel safely hahaha didn’t get lost. Well just remember that few landmark then very easy wont get lost anywhere.