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Today is the day we starts our Hong Kong adventure. Our adventure today is to go to Ocean Park (海洋公園). Woke up early in the morning, head to our first stop which is Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司) for breakfast. Please note that you must go very early for breakfast else you will have to line up to wait for your seats. I choose this as our first breakfast spot coz today we are heading to Hong Kong Island (south). So its just on the way. We took the MTR from MongKok (旺角) to Jordon (佐敦) station.

Look at the various types of newspaper

Comic Vending Machine

Head towards the Exit C2. Once you are outside the exit, cross one road and you can see the Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司) one the right side.

Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

Macaroni with ham

Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司)

Drinks (Teh Ice)

Most of the shops around Hong Kong provides set breakfast. It is much cheaper compared to if you order it individually. We ordered 2 sets of breakfast, only difference is the egg. Costs us HKD50 (RM23) for breakfast. The places are usually very pack with people having breakfast and bare in mind that there is a possibility of sharing tables. Tables are very close together, you can hardly walk around heh. This is Hong Kong.

The food is quite nice at this shop. So you can give it a try. I seen a few bloggers recommended this place. After breakfast we take the MTR from Jordon (佐敦) to Admiralty (金鐘) station. Cost HKD7.70 (RM3.50).

Head towards Exit B. There are signboards stating the way to Ocean Park (海洋公園). Along the route towards the exit, there will be a shop. Well when you see the shops you will know what to do heh. I forgotten whats the shop name. But I know that you can join as temporary Octopus member and get discounts for the entrance tickets. Join member is free of course and tickets cost HKD185(RM85) per person. Original fee is HKD208(RM95.70) per person. So you can see from the amount you can save some money for lunch heh.

So cute

Feels like a kid going to those theme park. Its been so long since the last I went to theme park with my family. Well usually kids would love these kind of place. After getting our tickets we headed outside to catch our bus the Citybus route 629 which leads us straight to Tai Shue Wan Entrance.

Price List at the bus stop

Citybus Route 629


Here we comes. Reached Ocean Park (海洋公園), we took the map and started walking around Headland before going down to the Lowland. It was really hot that day that I get sun burn after that LOL. I choose to come during November is because it started to go into Winter. Unfortunately the first few days we are here the temperature is extremely killing especially when you need to walk alot.

Hygienic. Very effective LOL. This is the first time I see this thing. We use it on the way back. It is available at both entrance to Ocean Park (海洋公園)

They are so beautiful. At Flamingo Pond

Nice view from the Tai Shue Wan escalator

Seal from the Pacific Pier

Ocean Park Tower

Chinese Sturgeon Aquarium

Beautiful Jelly Fish

Seahorse. Cute!

Don’t know what is this LOL. But looks like some worm

It looks like smiling at us. Nice shot darling

Nemo Nemo

Huge turtle

Ocean Theater

This is the worst part of the day. So many people even tho its just weekday (Friday). Lots of China people around, all tourists. Old or young all available. Weather is very hot that day. The sun is striking above us at like 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Lots of umbrella hanging around. Oh please be sure to remember bring along your umbrella when you go around Hong Kong. Really suffer without it if its not winter day. Before the show starts, all the humans already filling up the space around the theater. Remember to go very early to grab a nice seat else…. ended like me.

Cute dolphin behind him

She is so lucky

We bought lunch at Mc Donalds. Everyone says that come to Hong Kong must try the Pork burger hahaha. We picked that as well. I can’t find where I put the photo. Must have deleted by accident. Really nice. Lunch cost HKD28 (RM12.88) each if not mistaken. Can’t really remember hahah. But seriously not cheap the Mc Donalds over here. I notice lots of them who come to Ocean Park (海洋公園) also have Mc D for lunch haha. I think this is the cheapest food around here.

After that we headed to Lowland by the cable car. The queue is SERIOUSLY long. It took us about one and half hours to reach the cable car (queuing takes one and half hours). Way too long the queue but not much choice LOL.

Super long queue

Nice view

Inside the cable car

View of Hong Kong houses

Helium Balloon but fake can’t ride

Here is the most important part of the day

Those panda are really very cute and huge. By the time we arrived there, they are eating nicely on the ground. Sit there slowly pick the bamboo shoot and starts nibbling. They wont move they will just grab and eat. Really enjoy looking at them eating. This part is really worth.

She has the same name as me OMG hahaha.

We left Ocean Park (海洋公園) about 6 something 7. We took the Citybus 629 back to the bus station. Our next stop,  dinner at Yung Kee Restaurant. We took the MTR from Admiralty (金鐘) station to Central (中環) Station which cost HKD3.60 (RM1.70).

Details information can be found here. Take Exit D2 from Central station. You can see huge Louis Vuitton opposite the road. Turn right to the first traffic light and cross the road towards Wellington Street. You can see the shop stood right next to the Kee Wah Bakery (奇华饼家) just around the corner.

In Central you can see lots of branded shops around and all are very huge store. Well which I can’t afford to go in. Lots of nice cars around as well. Those branded like Mercedes or Ferrari etc.. Buses and humans are also very many after working hours dressed up very nicely with suits or dresses. Really beautiful the way they dressed.

They really have alot of LV’s around Hong Kong

Huge LV shop

Huge Coach shop

Another branded shop. After you cross the traffic light you can see this shop

Guess who is this OMG hahaha. What a luck

Outside Yung Kee Restaurant

Roast Goose

Fried rice. Not bad the prawns are quite huge

Pig Liver Soup. It tasted just nice.

As you can see we only ordered 3 dishes. The food here are really very expensive. Even after ordering darling said looks so horrible only ordered so little. Well I didn’t expect the price to be like SOO expensive. This 3 dishes cost us HKD319 (RM146.74). Damage really high hahaha. To me the goose didn’t taste as good as I expected. I was expecting something like the one I ate in Maystar. But that one is roast duck.

If you would like to go I suggest you go in group then can order different kind of food or the sets but 🙂 like I said damage very high so depends on what you want. This place really pack of people ~ those rich people, dressed up very nicely. Really like those you seen in TV. First time entering expensive restaurant LOL very awkward. Oh well at least we’ve tried.

After dinner we got too tired so skip Lan Guai Fong and take the MTR back to Mong Kok. Cost HKD9.20 (RM4.20), more expensive because we have to cross the island to go back to Kowloon. As usual we bought a cup of Hui Lau Shan (許留山) and have a short walk around Mong Kok and go back to the hostel. There goes the first day of adventure. Really tiring especially the whole day walk under the hot sun. Going Hong Kong really have to prepare with a pair of good shoes LOL and you must be able to talk lots of walking. Everyone around is walking even until late nights. You can even see people walking like 12am in the morning. Not just one or two is lots of them. Like the night is still so young for them to go home. Well its quite safe I guess walking late nights here since the shops opened till very late. Probably because may tourist like us who will walk till kaki patah also don’t wanna go home 😛