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Getting up a little later than usual and get ourselves ready for the day. We take a walk down to the Goldfish Market, it is somewhere near Tung Choi Street (通菜街). Walked the wrong side actually before getting to the right one :P. Walking with so tiny map is not that easy. But they have very sufficient road signs so should be no problem. Today’s weather is the best. It’s getting slightly cooler than the hot weather we have encounter for the past few days.

Does this tunnel looks familiar? Haha it looks like the one we seen on those TVB drama once in a while

Very cute all the fish

Today’s breakfast is at Kam Wah Cafe (金华冰厅). As usual the sets are more cheaper compare to individual. So we both ordered one set of instant noodle. It comes with a drink, fried egg and sausage. I ordered Polo Bun. Really very nice and HUGE LOL. The outer layer is very sweet. I actually wanted the egg tart but they are out of stock :P. Lots of people in this restaurant. Especially in the morning, therefore things out of stock easily (the Polo Bun & Egg Tarts). Be sure to be there early else you have to wait for seats.

Polo Bun (菠萝包)

Breakfast cost HKD40 (RM18.40). After breakfast we took the Tsuen Wan Line from Prince Edward (太子) station to Lai King (茘景) station, then change to Tung Chung (东涌) Line to go to Tung Chung (东涌) station which cost HKD13.50 (RM6.21). Its a very long ride. All the rides of MTR is underground but on the way to Tung Chung (东涌) we can see the scenery outside its very nice.

Go out towards the Ngong Ping 360 Exit B

Citygate Outlet (MUST GO)

Really Syok! The wind OMG is the best. Super windy

Tung Chung is much cooler than Mong Kok. The weather is similar to Genting. This is the weather I am expecting since the first day I step to Macau & Hong Kong. But then maybe the time I go is really very beginning of Winter therefore … the cold is not yet there. The wind is very strong when you stand around the fountain. Maybe coz its the middle of everywhere. Wind blowing from every angle so cold. The view & environment is really very nice. Fresh!!! Fresh!!! We skip Citygate Outlet for later coz that place is for shopping. I bet you don’t wanna carry big bags, small bags walking around sightseeing. We took the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car up to Lantau Island.

Price List

Our Tickets

Please remember to bring along your Ocean Park tickets for 10% discount. Total is HKD158.40 (RM72.86). The cable car is quite spacious compared to the one at Ocean Park. 2 Pairs in one cabin. The wind blowing in thru the holes in the cabin makes it really very cold. My favourite part of this trip hahaha. The coldest day among the whole trip. The temperature today is about 19 degree. Is good enough when you walk around and don’t need to sweat like pig. This is why I always love to choose winter to go for a trip….. don’t need to sweat LOL

Inside the cable car

We actually see people walking on that path

Hong Kong Airport

Can see the statue from far


This is very special. Something like in the movie those ping tong wu lou. Sweet!

The whole place is like a small town. Everything is very nice here plus the weather is very cooling. I am only wearing short sleeve and short pants… really very cold haha but I am enjoying it :P. Some shops really sells very nice stuff. Can see can’t buy very expensive (for me). I finally got my umbrella hahahaha. So far the cheapest is here already. So remember to bring your own umbrella to avoid spending on unnecessary things.

In the small town

Small stall we stop to have something to eat before proceed to the statue

Darling 😛

It took us about 250steps to reach the top to the statue.

Me & The Buddha

19 degrees yay!

Weather is just perfect

After going up to spend some time in that cold weather place, we went back to Citygate Outlet. By the time we reached is about evening already. We went to KFC for dinner this time. Ordered 2 sets of Zinger Tower. Really very nice compared to KL one…..Arghhh I missed the food there especially Hui Lau Shan (許留山). The Zinger Tower set comes with a burger, drink, chicken, and fries. Cost us HKD60 (RM27.60).

My burger

Chicken & Fries

The shops here really quite big. Lots of outlets. We don’t really have that much time to shop by the time we walked around the shops are starting to close. Their discounts really very high, it can go up to 90% :P. Have brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Polo, Esprit (quite big), Nike, etc. This is the first time we went into Burberry. Really nice experience hahaha. Entered the shop looked at the first item a T-Shirt… it cost like 5 digits hahaha. Go further in the shop… we noticed that even a bag causes like wah… 5 digits *pengsan*. LOL well is a good experience for people like me to enter those high class boutiques.

After some shopping, we went back to Mong Kok.

Inside the train

We went to Hui Lau Shan (許留山) for dessert :P. One day must have at least one cup of Hui Lau Shan (許留山). Really nice… I wish I can get it here in Jakarta or Malaysia.

Forgot what it is called but is mixture of mango, ice cream, snow jelly.

Mixture of 3 items mango, coconut and snow jelly

After some dessert we went back for a rest and prepare for the next day.