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Kam Wah Cafe (金华冰厅)

Kam Wah Cafe (金华冰厅) is a char chan teng located at 47 Bute Street, Mong Kok (太子弼街47号地下). They are famous with the Polo Buns as well as the Egg tarts. It is very near by to the Prince Edward (太子) MTR Station. Char chan teng usually have those set menus which comes with a main dish, side dish and a drink. Kam Wah Cafe also provides such offers.

The Menu

Part of the set; sausage, ham, fried egg

Polo Bun (菠萝包)

During the trip down to this restaurant we ordered 2 sets of breakfast which comes with a bowl of noodle, drinks, and a plate of fried egg, ham and sausage. Additional to it is the Polo Bun. Total cost is HKD40 (RM18.40). Sorry don’t have much information of this shop. But I am sure you can easily find it on the Bute Street by the address. Can’t really remember where exactly the actual position therefore can’t provide the map :P.