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Wake up early in the morning get ready for breakfast. On the way to Senado Square we stop by Patio do Cotovelo (德隆新街) for Cheung Fun (肠粉). This place I found it from PreciousPea’s blog. Well she didn’t mention exactly how to get there but I got the area place by zooming one of her photo taken outside the alley :p.

Outside the small alley of Patio do Cotovelo (德隆新街)

This place is kinda easy to locate if you are on the way to my hotel heh. Well you can get more information of this place here. The taste is kinda special. It is mixture of sweet sauce, peanut butter and sesame seed. First time I tried it with peanut butter, it really tasted quite nice.

Cheung Fun (肠粉) + Siu Mai (烧卖). Cost 11MOP (RM5)

After having nice Cheung Fun, we continue our journey to Senado Square (議事亭前地) to have our breakfast at Wong Chi Kei Congee & Noodles.

Senado Square (議事亭前地)

One of the small lorong around Senado Square

Fresh Crab Congee. Cost 45MOP (RM20.70)

Pork Chop Bun. Cost 15MOP (RM6.90)

Our breakfast are simple one congee and one pork chop bun shared by both of us. Later on only I realized that they are actually specialize in noodles. Well too bad, probably next time :). The congee filled with crab fragrant really nice. The congee tasted good just that have to use the hand to fix the crab heh. I was actually expecting the crab meat only :P. The pork chop bun tasted normal. I still prefer the one I ate at Jin Ma Lun. Details on Wong Chi Kei Congee & Noodles click here.

After having breakfast, we walked around but the shops are still not open fully. We drop by Yi Shun Milk Company which we are suppose to go on the first night.


Steamed Milk Custard & Steamed Egg Custard. Cost 16MOP (RM7.30) & 12MOP (RM5.50) each

They are famous with their custard. Hmm.. it tasted so so only. I don’t really like it. The Steamed Egg Custard too much of egg yolk taste abit scary haha. Maybe coz I ordered a cold one instead of hot. The Steamed Milk Custard is ok.

We went back to the hotel and pack. About 12pm we check-out and head towards Master Hotel to take a bus to Macau Ferry Terminal.

Ferry Terminal ticket counter

We took the New World First Ferry which cost us 280HKD (RM128.80) for 2 person for day sailing. For night sailing the price is 175HKD (RM80.50) per person. Please make sure you bought the right ticket. You see the ticket counter? All are TurboJet logo. But the ticket they give me is First Ferry -.-“. Obviously I didn’t notice since first time plus nervous 😛 and didn’t check properly. Well at least we saved about 40HKD for ferry. If not mistaken Turbojet charge for the luggage each 20HKD.

Time Table

Hong Kong here I come!!!

One day… I will travel on Star Cruise. I wonder when will it be….

We took the Ferry from Macau Ferry Terminal to Kowloon Ferry Terminal. Then we took a cab to Dragon Hostel (龙群宾馆) cost us 50HKD (RM23). Every beat of the cab cost 1.40HKD (RM0.60). Each luggage cost 5HKD (RM2.30). Kinda expensive to take a cab. Supposedly it takes about 40HKD to reach the hostel but if there is traffic jam then really horrible. Well actually on that day really traffic jam and the driver ask us to get down from the cab and walk -.-“. So we have no choice but to drag the luggage walk around and ask people where is the location of Sincere House (先施 大厦). More information on the hostel click here.

Bedroom and bathroom. Room cost 200HKD (RM92) per night.

Size of a single bedroom

Hong Kong Flat

To tell the truth the house there really very small. As you can see the single bed room is so small, and imagine the bathroom. This is really first experience hahaha. Enter the bathroom you can only stand put at a spot and shower from there. Can’t really turn around or do anything. But luckily they provide hot water :P. The bedroom is also very small. Only have place for 1 person to walk not more hahaha. And a small area to put luggage. Enough to put 2 in that spot. And there is a small table with mirror.

After unloading the luggage, we went to the Mong Kok MTR station to get our Octopus Card. Cost: 150HKD (RM69) each. We drop by the famous Hui Lau Shan (許留山) to get a drink. This is also one of the spot that I wanted to drop by for dessert. There is one very nearby our Hostel so convenient for us to get each a day? Heh! Average of one cup of drinks is about 20HKD (RM9.20). Everyday a cup really superb. I really miss Hui Lau Shan (許留山). Very rare places will serve drinks like this with few mixture. Even the Honeymoon Desserts in Taman Anggrek also don’t have sob…

Can’t really remember what item is this but its a mixture of Mango with Snow Jelly. Really nice!!!!!!

Then we took a walk down to the Tung Choi Street (通菜街)/Ladies’ Street (女人街). We just have a walk all the way down until we reach Yau Ma Tei (油蔴地) MTR station. Actually to me it feels like I am walking on our Petaling Street. Well I don’t really buy anything from Petaling Street so I just skip here as well. But for those who likes to shop I guess this is your spot coz the things here supposedly cheaper.

Tung Choi Street (通菜街)/Ladies’ Street (女人街)

No Photos Allowed 😛 (supposedly)

There are lots of shops like Levi’s, Giodarno, Esprit, Baleno, Hui Lau Shan (許留山) around. Every few different blocks you can see one of the branches. Just Levi’s alone same street different block you can see one branch. Some of the clothes are indeed quite cheap.

If not mistaken this shop is opposite Itamae Sushi (板前壽司)

Looks yummy

Smelly Tofu. 2pcs for 14HKD (RM6.40)

We tried the octopus leg as well. Cost 8HKD (RM3.70). The smelly tofu seriously very smelly LOL. But once you are near to it then you can’t really smell it. The chili beware : all stall is the same SUPER SALTY. Not sure why the chili is like this. It doesn’t taste spicy, instead it tasted salty (extremely).

The above snacks stall is actually beside this one.

Lots of people queuing up but I didn’t manage to go and give a try. Maybe you can and tell me what it taste like.

Next stop is the Avenue of Stars (星光大道). We took the MTR from Yau Ma Tei (油蔴地) to Tsim Sha Tsui (尖沙咀) station cost: 3.60HKD (RM1.70) using the Tsuen Wan Line (荃灣綫).

Follow Exit F to New World Center, but the sign board writes there Exit J then later followed by Exit F. From New World Center (新世界中心) you can go out towards the Avenue of Stars.

Let me presents you the Avenue of Stars.

Took so many shots luckily there is one which is nice

Credits to my darling’s K800

Small snack stall

Cuttle fish. Really very nice smell. That’s what attracts me

Tough! But nice 🙂

Bruce Lee

We reached there about 6 plus 7PM if not mistaken. We went early to catch A Symphony Of Lights that starts at 8PM every night. Be sure to go there earlier to get a good spot :). It has 44 buildings participating in the show both from Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. Too bad didn’t manage to get much nice photo. Remember to bring your tripod or SLR else really difficult to take night shots. Well luckily darling manage to grab some nice one’s. If not mistaken the show is about 10 – 15 mins so enjoy!

After the show we walk around the New World Center before going back to Mong Kok. We took the Tsuen Wan Line from Tsim Sha Tsui back to Mong Kok cost: 4.40HKD (RM2). Please note that the prices of MTR is per person. We both were so hungry so just walk around our hostel and finally we stop at Lok Yuen (乐园) for dinner.

Milk Tea cost : 9HKD (RM4.10) . It is actually the same as our Teh Tarik. But it tasted really thick with lots of milk.

Noodle with Fish Sui Gao cost: 28HKD (RM12.90)

Choi Sum cost : 8HKD (RM3.70)

Noodle with Beef Ball cost : 25HKD (RM11.50)

Dinner cost: 70HKD (RM32). I notice that their set meals are usually cheaper than you order separately. Their portion are quite big. In this case the drinks is cheaper when you order it with food. After dinner we just walk around Mong Kok and go back early for a rest. Tired! Tomorrow is another long day.