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Let me introduce the Cheung Fun from Patio do Cotovelo (德隆新街) alley. The taste is kinda special. Usually those Cheung Fun we eat is only with sesame seed and sweet sauce but this is slightly different. It is mixture of sweet sauce, peanut butter and sesame seed. First time I tried it with peanut butter, it really taste quite nice.

The Menu


The menu from left to right (price is big, small) for those who don’t know chinese like me :
1. Porridge (5MOP, 2.5MOP)
2. Cheung Fun (7.5 MOP, 6.5MOP)
3. Curry Cheung Fun (12MOP)
4. Siu Mai Cheung Fun (11MOP, 10MOP)

Place to prepare the food, place to wash the dishes


From Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro / San Ma Lo (新馬路), when you saw the shop below turn into the road next to it. That road splits between the Rua dos Mercadores (營地大街) and Travessa Aterro Novo (清平直街). The alley of Patio do Cotovelo (德隆新街) is on the left side before the split road.

Ignore the arrow :P. Photo taken from the first day post.


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RED Marked