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Macau is famous with their Pork Chop bun. During my stay there I came across this shop which sells superb Pork Chop bun. Let me introduce you the Jin Ma Lun (金马伦 咖啡饼店). They have the best Pork Chop bun I’ve ever tasted.

Pork Chop Bun

Price: 13MOP (RM6)


Really love the pork chop bun. When you made and order they will go and prepare. When you take a bite of the pork chop bun, you can taste the crunchiness and hotness of the meat. The meat tasted really good. Give it a try you will never regret it!


This shop is along the Rua dos Mercadores (營地大街). Walking towards the St. Paul Ruins its on the left. I remembered seeing a road sign stated Travessa Becos next to this shop. So if you are able to reach Travessa Becos, you will be able to find this shop.


RED Marked

Not enough detail? Here is another one with more road signs

RED Marked