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Quite a disaster for the first day. Only manage to sleep an hour or so. 3:30AM cab is here to pick us up to the airport. Reached airport is about 4:30AM. Cab from my house to LCCT cost: RM110 plus midnight charges. Lots of people at the airport trying to check-in therefore it takes some time and only left less than an hour for breakfast. Had our breakfast at Coffee Bean. This is the first time I had breakfast at Coffee Bean Malaysia. Usually I only take it in Jakarta :P. Not sure why I only have the habit of eating at Coffee Bean when I am at Jakarta. Well here is the sample of my breakfast compared to Jakarta version. I prefer the Jakarta version. Maybe coz I don’t really eat salad and I am already used to the version there 😛 picky me.

Comparison between Malaysia Salmon Scramble & Jakarta Salmon Scramble. Breakfast cost: RM29.40

After breakfast, we get ready for boarding. While in the plane, both of us take the chance to have a nice nap to regain energy for the rest of the day battle.

Prepare for Landing!!!

Behind me is the Macau Airport

Do remember to fill up the Macau Arrival card upon arrival. In Macau it is very convenient to take the bus. They are quite frequent compare to ours :P. Remember to change the MOP coins at the bank outside the arrival gate if you don’t have. I forgotten the bank name but there is only one that can change coins. For 2 person the whole trip we only spent about 30HKD (RM13.80) for bus. Buses within Macau is 2.50MOP. If you go over to Taipa or Coloane is 3.30MOP. We took the AP1 bus to the ferry terminal to change another bus to get to our hotel. Taking bus is not that bad because each bus provides an area for travelers like us to put our luggage.

Inside AP1 Bus

Buses routes

Bus Stop

It’s quite a disaster for us because when I did the survey all my information is in English (coz I don’t know Chinese). But when I ask the people around, they don’t know the English names of the roads -.-“. SUPER STRESS. We took the wrong bus from the ferry terminal and ended at the bus terminal. Finally manage to get someone who understands where I am going and took the bus NO:3 to get to Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro which is called San Ma Lo (新馬路) in Cantonese.

Lucky me that the sign boards are in English as well as Chinese. Then at least I still can look around. It is kinda difficult when you are dragging those huge luggage walking around the roads. Roads there are not that even and some of the roads needs you to climb up and down. On the way finding our hotel, we found a shop that sells very nice Pork Chop Bun. Cost: 13MOP (RM6)

Jin Ma Lun (金马伦 咖啡饼店)

Pork Chop Bun

When you placed an order, then they will go get ready the pork chop. The meat is HOT and crunchy. Although the bun are a little hard, but the meat tasted really good. Never tasted nicer than this shop. For more information click here. This shop is along the Rua dos Mercadores (營地大街). Walking towards the St. Paul Ruins its on the left. I remembered seeing a road sign stated Travessa Becos next to this shop. Well of course we have gone opposite the road from our hotel therefore so lucky and found this shop.

Up! Up! Up!

Down! Down! Down! -> Will reach the hotel

Let me present the OLE LONDON HOTEL

Double bed, the TV

Small area outside the toilet & inside the toilet

Finally we found the hotel after walking… hmmm not sure how long heh. I booked a standard bedroom. Hotel cost: 50.64USD (RM183.86). For more information click here. The hotel are clean and nice. Bed are really comfortable especially after a long day of walk. Hot showers are also available. *recommended*. Really love it the first time I saw the outlook during my research. After check-in, we leave our stuff and started walking towards St. Paul Ruins (大三巴牌坊).

Look at the pointed arrow. The dried meat (rou gan 肉干) are so huge piece and its everywhere. Many shops selling dried meat around Macau.

Road signs around Macau

On the way to St. Paul Ruins, we passed by Cafe E.S. Kimo. Get a cup of Ube Milk Tea cost: MOP10 (RM4.60). I didn’t taste a yam drink before. It tasted quite good. See the way my darling drinking it non stop heh proves that it is good I only get to drink about half of it.

Side of the shop. They sells food too.

Ube Milk Tea

So sorry can’t give much information on this shop coz I can hardly remember where is it. But it is on the way to St. Paul Ruins and is opposite SASA. After a drink we continue our journey to St. Paul Ruins

Here we are. Behind us is the famous St. Paul Ruins (大三巴牌坊)

Nearer view

View from the top of St. Paul Ruins

Na Zha Temple. We went in, pray and give some donations. It is located behind St. Paul Ruins

Next is the famous bakery in Macau which is the Pastelaria Koi Kei (钜记饼家). Lots of people going in and out buying lots of stuff. You can notice people coming out with big bags, small bags :P. Not only it is famous, it also have quite a number of branches around every single corner along the road to St. Paul Ruins. The branch I went in is the Branch No : 8.

Inside the shop

Different kind of dried meat

Looks so yummy

Hot! 7MOP (RM3) per piece

Portuguese Egg Tart

We bought some Almond Cookies, Lou Poh Beng, & Ginger Candies.

Big Bag, Small Bag 😛

Next destination is Taipa. We headed back to hotel and unload the stuff. Then walk towards the main street there is a bus stop infront of Master Hotel along the Rua das Lorchas (火船头街) road. We waited for the Venetian shuttle bus to bring us straight to Venetian.

The view of Macau sea 😛


Isn’t it beautiful? The design inside Venetian

After one round of short walk inside Venetian, we walked out to find dinner. Tonight dinner is at Dumbo Restaurante.

Because we took the bus to Venetian, therefore we need to walk quite far to Rua do Chunha (官也街) road. It takes about 20mins to locate the place. It’s dark at night kinda difficult to find. We passed through those very dark areas, small staircase etc heh. Some bloggers says that you can take Bus No: 33 to reach Taipa – Rua do Chunha (官也街) road, the restaurant will be just opposite the road. Details I will add in later coz I left the stuff at home :P.

Our drinks: A cup of tea and red wine

From top right: Complementary bread, Vegetable soup, Ox tail, erm.. I forgot what it was but some kind of pie.

From Left: Roasted German Pork Knuckle & Portuguese Fried Rice

We ordered a set dinner. The Roasted Pigeon was out of stock therefore we changed it with the Roasted German Pork Knuckle and pay a little bit more. There is another item which is the curry chicken I forgot to photograph. Total damage for dinner is 266MOP (RM122). Super full. The meal is really meant for sharing. Although is for 2 person but I think it can be shared by 3 person.

After dinner we go back to Venetian to have a deeper walk. Went into the casino and around the shops. It’s really very big inside and lots of people.

Does it looks like Portuguese houses? Hmm.. I wonder

That gal is real! Heh unlike the one inside Genting is fake. And she can sing VERY well


After enjoying the view of Venetian we take the shuttle bus back to Ferry Terminal and take bus NO:3 to get to Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro which is called San Ma Lo (新馬路). We walked around the area and ended at Ponte 16. Time is quite late already. After long day of walk finally its time to go back and take a rest.

Looks so deserted

Finally I finish the first post. Take really long to write this LOL. Hopefully I didn’t miss out anything