Day 2 & 3 – Houston

Day 1 at work….

Woke up early in the morning preparing for work. 730am I walked out of my hotel towards the car and guess what? The temperature is like 15 deg and windy. Its quite cold because of the wind. People here probably don’t the coldness or they are used to it :). For me I think its a perfect weather coz I love the cold but due to lack of sweaters…. really difficult. Its time to find one this coming weekend.

The whole day was normal. We didn’t get out of the office until about after work 5 ~ 6pm. As for dinner… we found a shop nearby the hotel which sells EggRolls. Is a chinese restaurant so I guess it’s perfect for Wong who misses chinese food.

My dinner: Egg drop soup & Kong Pou Chicken

Lek Leks dinner

We walked around and went to @Target again to do some groceries shopping. Look what we found….

Cool!!! I wonder blackie will like it

Parked quite far and all of us in our short pants walking in the cold shivering LOL. Really nice. After the shop, OTW back to the car we pass by the nearest Starbucks!!! Bought hot chocolate for the night. Unfortunately the drink got a little chill when we reached hotel :S . Well its ok they got a stopper unlike KL Starbucks. I never seen one of the stopper before

My Hot Chocolate from Starbucks.

Yeng!! Hummer

Day 2 at work….

Second day as usual I skip the breakfast so that I could get more sleep. The weather…. 10 deg!!!! Omg this is too great LOL.

This time for lunch we also had it in the campus and I made a right order.

Margerita Flatbread. Nice~

The food at the cafe is not that bad. Lots of variety compare to ours back at Cyber hahaha. After work I tried out the laundry for the first time. Really pengsan LOL looks so noob like never used the machine before.

First I changed my 10 dollar coins

Then I put the coins in to get my soap. Got stuck the soap doesn’t come out. Its embarrasing having to go get someone to get the soap for me….Followed I put the money into the washing machine. It took half hour to get ready

After half hour I went and check the clothes and put them into the dryer. It is suppose to be ready in half and hour too. But not sure why it took an hour LOL.. I thought my clothes gonna get burned. Luckily it didn’t. Now Its ready to use 🙂

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