Time Passed…..

Didin’t realized that its been a month since my last post. Again!

What have I done lately? I have no idea. Life is getting a little boring… is it because we are getting older? Hahaha I really not sure. Everyday been doing the same thing.

Wake upĀ  -> Go work -> Come Home -> Rest a while + Knitting + Watching Series -> Time For Bed

Not much for an entertainment when you only get about what? 2 – 3 hours before bedtime….. Nothing much you can actually do. During the days at college, we still have times to play some games probably up till morning, chit chat with frens online, sitting out at the mamak stall without realizing what time is it……. Don’t need to worry you can’t get up tomorrow morning for work… etc.

Nowadays I don’t even bother to walk out for lunch, go for a walk at the mall during the weekend, step out of the apartment!!!! You see this 4 days break, the only time I step out is to eat breakfast. Other than that I just sit inside the room knit knit and knit (almost finish the new project though).

Copying and deleting files out from my laptop for the preparation of formatting it takes 2 days (gosh… thats long). Finally last nite manage to get the laptop clean :P. No more LAGS.

Anything interesting to share with me? Oh please do so else my life will just continue to be ————— like this LOL

Sometimes really think that time passed really fast. Look now its already April… when you don’t realize maybe when I look back again by that time I will be like maybe 60 70s? Hahaha wuliao

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