Saturday’s Lunch – Chicken Rice

Darling suddenly mentioned chicken rice…. So today he give it a try. Our first attempt~

We went to HERO to buy chicken, red onions and some other groceries. After cleaning the chicken and coat it with a thin layer of salt, he bring it to steam. When the chicken is cooked, take the oil out to cook with the rice.

Steamed chicken

Added garlic with chicken stock

Fry some red onions. For flavouring

After lunch I boiled some sweet potato with dried longan

My first attempt LOL

Lately I’ve been browsing for knitting patterns. I found out that LOTs of people actually knits. I also found some blogs belongs to those specialize in it such as Knotty Generation. She even goes on TV shows. Wow! Really lots of patterns available online and really very impressive and nice. I hope one day I can be that powerful to design my own patterns 🙂

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