Saturday Night’s Dinner

Lately we’ve been eat at home most of the time. Most of the time, dinner is cooked by darling heh. Today is also the same. I only incharge in cooking the rice. Our dish for tonite is:

French bean with anchovies and garlic

Fried sausages. Omg we don’t know why it turn out like this. Hangus! But edible the inside part 😛

Here comes my favourite chicken soup with ginger and onion

Tonight’s dinner is kinda successful except for the sausages. BUT we finished it all. Thanks honey for the dinner 🙂

Today I started to browse thru SocialSpark to see if there is any Opps to take. I just chosen one of it which is Cost Per Click type. LOL really noob figuring how to fix the links… Well I manage to add some of it :P. So make sure you guys go and have a look at the ads ahaha. Time for bed

Sweet Dreams!

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